Sticking LASER-marked labels are succesfully used in many different sectors to solve a large numbers of problems.

The special acrilyc base of labels and laser marking are able to combine maximum resistance to chemical solvents, high durableness in time, unfalsification, high contrast in readibility expecially for bar-codes.

LASER labels are durable in time like metal labels but cheaper.

Lack of paints and inks gives a totally ecological manifactures.

The material's special features do not permit complete label removal making it tamper proof.

LASER techmology permits both variable data and sequential numbering of products.


  • inventory identification labels
  • labels for technicals information of production details
  • secured seals
  • in situation where climatic and environmenttal conditions are particularly difficult
Labels are manifactured in every shape, automatically punched with no additional cost and delivered in rolls.

Temperature resistance
Weather resistance
Abrasion resistance
Steel adesion
Aluminium adesion
Polypropylene adesion
Polythene adesion
Polycarbonate (PC) adesion
ABS Adesion
-50°C to +200°C; short term to +270°C
as per DIN 53387, 2.000hrs = 4-5 years
crockmeter test at 200 strokes - no changes
self estingushing as per US 302
polymerased by electronic beam
12 N/cm
12 N/cm
08 N/cm
07 N/cm
10 N/cm
11 N/cm
data are supplied by the producer